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Book Review: The Eulogist

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Cover of The Eulogist
Jeffrey B. Burton's The Eulogist releases September 20, 2017 from The Permanent Press.

The Eulogist
by Jeffrey B. Burton
The Permanent Press
Releasing September 20, 2017

The idea of being a fly on the wall for our own funeral is deliciously appealing. What will friends and family say about us when (they believe) we're not here to hear it...?

The characters in Jeffrey B. Burton's latest thriller, The Eulogist, wish just the opposite. They hear every word of their eulogy. In fact, it's delivered just moments before they die. And the only way they're attending their own funeral is in the coffin.

The Eulogist is the third installment in Burton's series featuring FBI Special Agent Drew Cady. Cady has left behind the dangerous work of investigating brutal crimes in favor of a more boring life chasing financial fraudsters. Well, that was the game plan anyway. Much to Cady's dismay, he's pulled into the violent undercurrent of life, whether he wants to swim there or not.

In The Eulogist, Cady arrives in D.C. to attend what should be a yawner of a week serving as the statistics nerd during Senate testimony on Medicare fraud. Shortly after arriving, however, things take a turn for the bloody.

Senator Taylor Brockman, a better politician than a family man, is found dead in his apartment. On his desk is a fresh eulogy typed by his killer. Cady can't resist the siren song of a senatorial assassination, or the request of his former boss to blow off his real job and lend a hand with the investigation.

Not surprising to fans of Burton's previous Cady books, the body count quickly grows. In addition to solving Brockman's murder, Cady is tasked with finding the killer of a former fortunate son turned junkie and rent boy. This second victim's eulogy is also found at his murder scene. And these two dead men are just the beginning of a bloody trail left by the mercilessly efficient assassin known only as The Canadian.

Of course, Cady isn't working alone. Agent Liz Preston - a fearless, fifth degree black belt - offers not only brains but muscle. Under appreciated, highly profane computer hacker Leahy uncovers damning financial records. Cady's former boss, Director Roland Jund, is as passive-aggressive as ever. Yet even with a skilled team and the support of federal law enforcement, Cady faces an uphill climb.

From the title to the final paragraph, The Eulogist is a taut chase from the nation's capital, to Toronto, to Minneapolis. Even as he nips at the assassin's heels, Cady learns the hard way that underestimating a killer like The Canadian comes at a very high price.

Burton's style is clean and hip. In Drew Cady he has created a memorable and wonderfully human hero. Cady relies on guts and instinct. He's an old-fashioned guy in a violent new world. The Eulogist is proof that Burton can continue Cady's story indefinitely.